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So, it’s been just over one month since we sold all our possessions  in London, packed our suitcases and moved to Kho Phangang, located in  the Gulf of Thailand, and what a journey it has been so far!

As  of writing, it’s 9 pm with an outside temperature of 33 Degrees. We are  based in an area called Madhuwan which is north 10 mins by motorbike  from Thong Sala – The main Port on the island. It’s surrounded by jungle  and although noisy with the sound of jungle chorus, there is a real  sense of


Not only have we  given up the city lifestyle but we have also given up Coffee and  alcohol! Although Kho Phangan is world renowned for some of the best  parties on the planet there is another side to this beautiful island.  Along the East coast of the island, you will find an abundance of yoga  retreats, healing centres and a variety of vegan and vegetarian  restaurants. That is where we plan to be spending most of our days and  to date so far we have managed to do just that.

I’m sure many of you are thinking why Kho Phangan? Why Thailand at all?

Here’s  the backstory. I was extremely fortunate to spend part of my twenties  traveling and experiencing the wider world. It opened my eyes (and  foodie tastebuds) but whilst in SE Asia I fell in love. I fell head over  heels in love with this beautiful island in particular. The food, the  people, the smells, the tastes all seem to hit a sweet spot with me, I  mean the whole island is formed on Rose quartz – a crystal that has  immense healing properties, another reason I feel I’ve been drawn here.  Luckily, the other loves of my life (my partner and daughter) share my  enthusiasm for food and adventure so they were

definitely in  from the start. Although I have only lived in London for 6 years my  partner has lived there for 20. 20 YEARS! That’s 20 years of commuting,  busses, trains, coffee on-the-go, late nights early starts and crazy  weekends! Basically, there comes a time in your life when you have to  jump off the hamster wheel and take a step back to reflect on what life  is actually about for you, not getting philosophical yet but watch this  space!

Also, raising our daughter in London,  was it for us and what we wanted? It took me some work to convince my  partner, but I felt that bringing our child up where white beaches and  jungles are your parks, where fast food is a lady cooking in a wok over a  fire and where you can look up into the sky and see nothing but stars.  It just felt right. Sure we were fortunate to live in a nice part of  London but every night when we stood in our garden, all we could see was  the planes coming in to land at Heathrow and the constant sirens of  police cars. That’s what made us think, why not!! If we don’t at least  give our great adventure a chance then we knew we would regret it for  the rest of our lives.

They say your body  re-generates every seven years. This means, if you spend the next seven  years filling your body with clean air, water, healthy food, and an  abundance of sun, then surely that must be good for the soul? Who knows  what the future holds but we are here now and are truly free to take  life to the next level.

So being completely  obsessed with food and all things related to food, this SE Asia  adventure will open our culinary senses to new styles of cooking, new  flavours, and new ingredients, all of which will be documented and  shared through our social media platforms. I’m not talking you’re  typical fried noodles with vegetables, we are going down the line of  traditional family recipes and holistic and healing foods. Each  provenance has their own unique dishes, and of course, we will be making  the most SE Asia’s best-known foodie favourite, street food! Expect to  see us visiting and documenting the best in street food that we find in  our new home.

We will also be meeting and  learning from chefs, be it an elder teaching us a family recipe or from  an international fusion chef. We will be meeting nutritionists and  healers and exploring how we could be using foods to heal rather than  traditional western style medicines. We’ll be taking an interest in how  certain foods nutritional values can benefit us. We are hoping to find  some really interesting content as we are truly off the beaten track and  in a place that prides itself in all matters regarding health! These  recipes, of course, will be logged and made available to our customers  and followers.

We are also going to delve into  the spiritual world of Yoga, Reiki, re-births, meditation and maybe  even shamanic rituals. Although licking the poison off the back of a  rare breed Frog is quite “far out”, even for us, but hey if the  opportunity arises!!

We hope that you enjoy  following our journey and if any of it inspires you then let us know as  we’d love to hear about your experiences or recommendations so we can  learn as much about our new home as possible.

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