Michelin-starred Rohit Ghai has become one of the culinary world’s most in-demand chefs.

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Michelin-starred Rohit Ghai has become one of the culinary world’s most in-demand chefs after a hugely successful decade on the London restaurant scene.

His first solo restaurant, Kutir opened its doors in late 2018 to rave reviews.

Chef Ghai has also launched a street-food dinner KoolCha at Wembley’s BOXPARK in early 2019.​ Chef Ghai’s precise cooking techniques and innovative dishes have won him praise from celebrities, dignitaries and some of the nation’s most discerning food critics.  He has also made TV appearances on shows such as BBC MasterChef and Zee TV.

Chef Rohit Ghai

“Rohit Ghai’s backstory is the stuff of culinary legend.” GQ

“Rohit Ghai’s Kutir proves he’s still very much at the forefront of contemporary Indian dining in London.” Foodism

“There is, anyway, no need to look for validation in the decor as Rohit Ghai’s food speaks for itself.” Financial Times How to Spend It.

“It’s difficult to imagine London without Indian fine dining. With chefs like Rohit Ghai – and restaurants like Kutir – there’s no doubt the accolades will keep on coming.” Square Mile Magazine

The Making Of A Michelin-Starred Chef

Rohit’s love affair with food began in his mother’s kitchen, in his native Punjab, India.

 He went on to study Indian cuisine at the Institute of Hotel Management in New Delhi, before perfecting his craft at some of most esteemed hotel groups across the country, including the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts as well as The Taj Hotels and Resorts.

 After moving to the UK, Rohit worked and headed kitchens at some of London’s leading Indian restaurants such as Benares, Trishna, Gymkhana, Hoppers and most recently Jamavar and Bombay Bustle.

 Rohit is the first Indian chef to have won a Michelin star for Jamavar within ten months of the restaurant’s opening.

Chef has become one of the most in-demand chefs in the culinary world after a hugely successful decade on the London restaurant scene. Chef’s precise cooking techniques and innovative dishes have won him a Michelin star in a record-breaking ten months, as well as praise from celebrities, dignitaries, and some of the nation’s most discerning food critics. There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about my dishes. Learn Sub-Continent cooking techniques including how to prepare, plate, and pair ingredients.

Experience The Next Level of Hospitality:

By offering a one-stop solution for all hospitality needs and with their first outlet up and running, they now look forward to expanding to other outlets as well as in the arenas of restaurant concept planning, consulting and ware supplies. IKSHA 360 (one of the subsidiaries of Kutir London) aims to showcase not only a 360 view of The Pearl, Lusail and Doha but a 360 experience of Indian cuisine – from exclusive dining on the 40th floor terrace, to a trendy evening restaurant on the 41st floor and chic casual dining on the 42nd floor, open for lunch, high tea, evening and late-night dining. Within this dramatic three-storey dome, Indian cuisine and sweeping panoramic views of the city come together to create an unmatched memorable dining experience.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice:

Chicken tikka masala is so easy to make right at home in one pan with simple ingredients! Chicken tikka masala consists of roasted marinated chicken in a spicy tomato and onion curry sauce. The sauce is usually creamy, spicy, flavored with dry fenugreek leaves and orange-coloured. There are multiple claims to its place of origin such as the Indian subcontinent and the UK. It is among the United Kingdom’s most popular dish.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice

Chicken thighs (boneless and skinless)


Mild Kashmiri Red chilli powder

Ginger Garlic Paste

Mustard oil

Dry Crushed Kasoori Methi

Salt to taste

Lime juice

Garam masala

For the tikka masala sauce:

Rapeseed oil


Chopped onion

Chopped garlic

Chopped ginger

Garam masala

Cumin powder

Green chilli chopped


Tomato purée

Kashmiri chilli powder

salt to taste

Double cream

Honey (optional to taste)

Water as needed

Dry crushed kasoori methi

Chopped coriander to garnish

Ginger Julienne to garnish


Whole wheat flour


Sunflower oil (for kneading)

Paneer Anar Dana – Recipe Box

Paneer anardana is a rich and delicious recipe of deep-fried, stuffed paneer in a smooth, creamy onion, tomato and cashew-based gravy. This is a flavourful restaurant-style paneer anardana recipe which you can easily make at home. The dish is vegetarian but can also be adapted to suit a vegan diet.

Paneer Anar Dana Curry

Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese)

Finely chopped cashews

Finely chopped green chilies

Chopped mint leaves

Toasted cumin powder

Sweet mango chutney

Rapeseed oil for frying

Corn flour

Rice flour

Turmeric powder

Fried onions

Fried cashew nuts


Tomato purée (fresh tomatoes blended or canned)

Black cumin seeds

Bay leaf

Ginger garlic paste

Kashmiri red chili powder

Coriander powder

Garam masala

Pomegranate powder

Crushed dry fenugreek leaves

Fresh cream

Chopped coriander leaves for garnishFresh pomegranate seeds for garnish

Indian Lamb Rack BBQ Box

Created by Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai, this amazing lamb rack serves two and comes marinated in a mixture of ginger, garlic and citrus flavours. Looking for a twist on the classic BBQ fare?

Lamb BBQ box which feeds up to 2 people!

6 lamb rack chops.

Onion, tomato & cucumber salad.

Lamb Rack BBQ

Macher Jhol (Fish Curry) – Recipe Box

Machher jhol is a traditional spicy fish curry in Bengali and Odia cuisines in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is in the form of a very spicy stew or gravy that is served with rice.

Macher Jhol Fish Curry

Sea bass fillets

Mustard oil

Nigella seeds (Kalonji)

Cumin seed

Fenugreek seeds

Green chillies

Whole Kashmiri chilli

Turmeric powder

Red chilli powder

Finely chopped onion

Ginger paste

Garlic paste

Finely chopped tomatoes

Wedges of deep fried potato

Pieces of deep fried baby egg plant

Cumin powder

Coriander powder

Lemon juice

Chef Rohit Ghai has published his new cookbook, Tarkari: Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Dishes with Heart and Soul. This book has been really popular in the UK.

⁠Rohit Ghai’s love affair with food began in his mother’s kitchen, in his native Punjab, India. He is the first Indian chef to have won a Michelin star – for @jamavarlondon within ten months of the restaurant’s opening. In 2018, he and his business partner launched their first solo London restaurant, @kutirchelsea.⁠

⁠Tarkari, meaning ‘vegetable’ in Urdu, is Rohit’s first book and also celebrates this diverse heritage – but on a more personal note. Packed with innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes, it pays homage to the food his parents ate. Look forward to creative starters like Malabar Cauliflower, big, bold curries such as Jackfruit Masala and Lotus Root Kofta, as well as breads, rice, dips and pickles. ⁠

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